May 18, 2005

Haven't posted for awhile

I haven't had the energy. Plus, it's kind of hard to get motivated to type out a bunch of stuff, when in all likelihood, not a soul in the world is reading this. Hmmm....oh, well. Good therapy I guess.

I'm so tired. Does this ever change?! No. Do I foresee it changing in the near future? I can hope. I decided earlier this week that bedtime routine at my house is going to change!!! I don't know where I went wrong with my kids, I don't know how it happened, but I have the unfortunate luck to have three kids who do not go to bed well, and when they actually get to bed, they don't stay asleep. I have officially entered the twilight zone, in that I feel like I walk around all day and night in a daze.

I watch Supernanny, I have friends who give me advice on how to get my kids to go to bed at night, but the actual act of doing it seems so tiring in itself. But I have to do it, or I fear that in short time, I will have a nervous breakdown, or simply die of pure exhaustion. I truly think I will enjoy life much more if I can actually get my kids to go to sleep in their own beds at the same time every night and sleep all the way through. I think that would make anyone's life happier. I see my friends whose kids go to sleep at night, stay in their beds and sleep all the way through and I feel nothing but jealousy and envy. They obviously did something at the very beginning to get their kids to do this rather than have to "re-train" well into childhood. Looking back on things, I should have put them down in their beds when they were approaching sleep; not all the way into sleep. But it was just so nice to cuddle and look at them while they were sleeping so sweetly and soundly. And at the time, I didn't realize that. Call it new mother ignorance. Now I am paying for it. UGH. One friend I have says that I can re-train them to go to bed at night, but to be prepared for a week or two of (in HER words) complete hell. But it will be worth it in the end when they have learned to go to sleep. So I am trying to decide when to begin the "re-training" and week of super-duper fun. I'd like to do it when I'm not tired....but I just went into why I am so tired, so I guess if I wait til I'm not tired, it will never happen. I'm preparing to start the battle tomorrow night. I have created a picture "Night time chart" for
"Care Bear" so that she can see what we do every night and in what order to get ready for bed to make the transition maybe not quite so painful. Fiesty is who I worry about the most. Let's face it; I am not looking forward to this at all. But, if they can truly be re-trained, and my efforts will be paid off, then I am willing to go through it. *sigh*. This should be fun.

If I'm not dead on my feet, I'll try to remember to post on Friday after the first night of training begins. WISH ME LUCK!!