Sep 29, 2008

Removal Of The ALBATROSS!!!

I have had an albatross on my back that I would estimate weighs approximately 50 lbs for the past two weeks. And as of 10 minutes ago, I removed it.

My Intro to Law Instructor is apparently under the (mistaken) impression that his is the only and by far, the most important class that anyone is taking. Well, let me tell you now, Mr. Lawyer Professor are dead wrong. I have three other lawyer, professor ma'ams that also expect me to spend at least some time on their classes as well. If I were already a lawyer or a paralegal working in a law firm, the billable hours I would have accumulated in the last two weeks would have me rich already. I mean, for cryin' out loud dude....this is an INTRO class. Let me clue you in.....we are not yet in the legal profession!!! (Although, I will give you this....after this assignment, I do feel ready to write a resume and go job searching, so in that respect, you have done your job....).

Due to one measly assignment, I have had little to no sleep, lots of stress, loss of eye sight due to the seven case laws all in legaleze and in 10 pt. font I have had to read, no time to relax, no free time to spend with my kids and I think, just think, I may have just cornered the market on Folger's Coffee and International Delights French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. My eye is twitching....and my can't see it, but they are.

But, with three minutes to spare, I submitted that ridiculous albatross and for maybe a period of 12 hours, I can put away the coffee, lose the twitchies and get some sleep. If I can remember how. And assuming my children will afford me that little pleasure.

Tell ya had better be worth it. I'm sure it is, but right now, the only interest I have is my pillow, my blankie and my bed. So......g'night.

Sep 20, 2008

Hello?!?! Anyone There???

Probably not since my blog is collecting dust and I could swear I just saw a spider web in the corner of it due to total abandonment. Huh. How could this have possibly happened? How on earth did something that used to be such a humongous part of my life get completely wiped of the face of the blog-earth? Well, let's life consists of this currently:
  1. Taking twelve credits that include: Intro to Law, Family Law, Contract Law and Ethics in Law
  2. A first-grader who is at a fifth grade reading level and who prays at night for harder math homework.
  3. A pre-schooler who goes to pre-school four days a week.
  4. Two very active 8 month old babies who consider anything within their reach fair game; including, but not limited to: hair, earrings, teeth, lips, noses, pop, coffee, straws, tablecloths, car seat straps, etc.etc.etc. and who grow more and more beautiful by the day and who have definitely found their voices. Uff-da!
  5. Volunteering at Care Bear's School
  6. Being in the PTO at Care Bear's School
  7. Swimming Lessons
  8. Soccer Lessons
  9. Laundry
  10. Laundry
  11. Laundry
  12. Did I mention laundry?
  13. Dishes
  14. Dishes
  15. get the point.
  16. Weeding my garden
  17. Mowing my lawn
  18. Carving intricate pumpkins for Halloween....don't get me started on the fact that it's only September 20....
  19. Play dates
  20. Birthday Parties
  21. Appointment after
  22. Appointment after
  23. Appointment
  24. Praise Band
  25. Church
  26. Catching up on three weeks of my soap opera....HEY! I need something to relax by, don't I? Even if it requires me to start drinking coffee at 9 p.m. on a Friday night, which (incidentally) keeps me up until 3 a.m. only to be awakened by active infants at 6:45 a.m.....
  27. Drama with certain relatives which I have no desire to get into at this point in time
  28. Facilitating long awaited family reunions
  29. Hosting Sunday dinners
  30. Fashion Shows for girlies
  31. Jr. Cheerleading for 1st grade girl
  32. Occasional babysitting of blondies
  33. Looming stress of important upcoming event
  34. COPIOUS dates with scads of handsome, rich, men who have no issue dating a 33 year old women with four daughters ages 6 and under. Seriously? You think I'm serious? Yeah. You don't know me too well do you??

Anyway, you get the point. I miss the blog. I miss the outlet it gave me and the friendships it provided me. But unfortunately, this computer (which I thought would provide me more blogging opportunity) has been merely a tool for my schoolwork! HUH!?! Yeah. No internet playing for me. And my celebrity knowledge right now? Zip. Zilch. Nada. I have not a clue what is happening with Ms. Spears, Ms. Simpson, TomKat, Brangelina or any of the rest. Pretty sad for someone who used to write "Celebrity News by Kristen" once a week and thoroughly enjoyed it.

But life changes; circumstances change; priorities change. My priority is my girls and making sure I am creating a life that they deserve and doing everything I can for them. They are my number 1 (and 2 and 3 and 4) priorities. And while I would give anything in the world to be able to actually sit down and relax for 5 minutes before I fall into bed at midnight or 1 a.m., I wouldn't trade it right now. Because it's all worth it to me when I hear my little girls tell me every day and every night that I am "the best mommy in the world" and their "best buddy". Wow. Who could ask for more?!

So I hope you'll bear with me. Check in on me every now and then. I won't promise to be a regular around here, but I'll come by when I can.