Feb 28, 2007

The Ultimate Blog Party!!

Ultimate Blog Party

Janice and Susan over at 5 Minutes for Mom are hosting the "Ultimate Blog Party" the week of March 2-9. It promises to be a great time with tons of prizes being given away at the end of the week! Head on over there (you can click on the button in my sidebar or at the top of this post) to get details! Should be a lot of fun! Don't Miss Out!

Feb 27, 2007

What The Snow Has Uncovered...And Other Miscellaneous Tidbits

Shortly after Christmas, you may remember hearing about a small little blizzard that hit Colorado, thus requiring most Coloradoans to be housebound for quite awhile and make mothers of young children almost go insane. (at least this young mother). On her latest post, my Mom posted a picture of the comparison between our yard and the neighbors across the street yard. Because of where our yard is in relation to where the sun hits, we are blessed to still have quite a mountain of snow in our front yard. Our backyard, however is melting quite nicely and quickly. (If you consider 2 months after the snow came quick.) As the snow is leaving our yard, I am discovering some interesting items that have apparently made the blanket of snow their home for the past couple of months. How these things got in our yard and under the snow in the first place is a mystery to me. These items include (but are not limited to):
  • A metal cooking bowl
  • A spoon (I think these first two things were used by my children the first day of the snow to make "snow cones" and never got brought in)
  • A Dr. Pepper can
  • A shovel
  • Christmas tree garland
  • A couch pillow (pillow not cushion...there's a difference doncha know).
  • Several stuffed animals
  • Several (now destroyed) books
  • A football
  • And the kids' playhouse finally peaked its roof out from under the snow.

Now, I don't know if the wind from the blizzard somehow snuck into my home while I wasn't looking and threw these things into the snow, or if some little elves (in the form of Anakin, Care Bear and Feisty) took these items out when I wasn't looking and threw them in the snow. Who knows, but regardless, my yard (front and back) looks like a wind-blown rummage sale of destroyed items. I see a pretty big yard clean-up in my near future.


I still haven't made a decision on the whole "private blog" thing. It's still rattling around in my head. I'll let you know soon. One of the reasons I'm contemplating this is because someone out there (in my neck of the woods) apparently is having fun stalking my blog and various other people's blogs. While I'm not terribly concerned about it, it's making me a little uneasy. Who is this person, and why do they feel the need to check my blog multiple times a day and never make their presence known?? This is to you, Stalker-person: "You must know me because you are also visiting other people I know....come out of the proverbial closet and make your presence known....please and thank you."


I have made a couple of minor changes on my blog that (unless you are extremely observant) you may have not noticed, but the small changes have made my blogging life somewhat less stressful. One of these changes is taking myself out of "blog top sites". This little, tiny, miniscule thing on my blog was becoming an obsession for me to look at. If my ranking wasn't where I wanted it to be, it started to make me feel bad about myself and wonder why it wasn't where I hoped it would be. I know others who gave up this thing long ago; I should have as well. Who cares where my blog is ranked? Well, I did. Which is why I gave it up.

I also shoved Site Meter allllllll the way down to the bottom of my blog. While it is still there (for purposes of protecting myself and my blog), it is not quite so accesible and if I want to check it, I have to continuously scroll all the way down there, which, quite honestly, I'm too lazy to do.

Ever since I got the computer at home, I have found myself blogging almost every single day. When before, when I only had access at work, I'd blog 3, maybe 4 times a week. Blogging every day has become somewhat of a chore for me now; trying to figure out what to write about and consistently checking to see how many comments I have. This has also been a stresser for me. So now, I plan to write when I have something to write about....and only then. No more of this, "Crap....what should I write about today" stuff.

These little (albeit minor) changes have, unbelievably, made my stress level decrease. All of this to say, I may not be around as much, and I may. It all depends on if I have something to say. (whoa....I'm a poet and I didn't know it.)


Enjoy the remainder of your evening and your tomorrow. Maybe I'll be around....maybe I won't. What a freeing feeling!


**Edited to add: For the love of all things....it's snowing AGAIN! I didn't even get a chance to clean the yard and it's all getting covered over again. Shoot, the rummage sale is going to have to be put off. I know everyone is disappointed they could not come and purchase a dirty spoon or water damaged book!**


One of my favorite Christian bands is Skillet. I love the song that is currently playing in the side bar. Here are the lyrics:

i lie here paralytic
inside this soul
screaming for you till my throat is numb
i wanna break out i need a way out
i don't believe that it's gotta be this way
the worst is the waiting
in this womb i'm suffocating
feel your presence
filling up my lungs with oxygen
i take you in
i've died
rebirthing now
i wanna live for love wanna live for you and me
breathe for the first time now
i come alive somehow
rebirthing now
i wanna live my life wanna give you everything
breathe for the first time now
i come alive somehow
i lie here lifeless
in this cocoon
shedding my skin cause
i'm ready to i wanna break out
i found a way out
i don't believe that it's gotta be this way
the worst is the waiting
in this womb i'm suffocating
(bridge:)tell me when i'm gonna live again
tell me when i'm gonna breathe you in
tell me when i'm gonna feel inside
tell me when i'm gonna feel alive
tell me when i'm gonna live again
tell me when this fear will end
tell me when i'm gonna feel inside
tell me when i'll feel alive

by Skillet

Feb 26, 2007

Private Blog?

There is a possibility in the near future I may be making my blog private. Meaning that if you want to read my blog, you would have to sign in to do so. I haven't decided for sure and wanted to throw out the idea to you all who read my blog to find out if I did this, would you want to still read me if you had to sign in to do so, or would it turn you off from reading me? I'm just thinking about it and I have a couple of reasons for contemplating this. I believe if you wanted to be able to access my blog, I would have to give you permission to do so. So, either email me or comment here if you would still be willing to read me should I go private.


Feb 23, 2007

Jesus Loves The Little Children

I've recently become a member of a wonderful new community of Moms called Moms of Grace. I found this group while visiting one of my favorite websites: 5 Minutes For Mom. I went and checked it out and immediately signed up. In my short time being a member there (about two weeks), I have found within it an amazing group of moms who inspire me, make me laugh, are vigilant prayer warriors and some who have heartbreaking circumstances they are dealing with. There is a forum for almost anything you can conceivably imagine from homeschooling moms to single moms; tips on housekeeping; a recipe swap forum; one for step-moms and forums for every age group. There's even a daily online Bible Study to participate in if you choose to. If there's a forum that isn't listed, you can suggest one. In short, there's something for everyone there and I have really enjoyed being a part of this group. If you are a mom and haven't found this place yet, I highly suggest it. You won't be sorry.

There are many moms in the group who have children with illnesses that in some cases are life-threatening. There are mom's I have met all over the internet in my past year of blogging. There are mom's all over this world whom I don't know and never will know who are dealing with children with illnesses. The strength that these women must possess amazes me. They are watching their children with these illnesses and have to remain strong for the sake of their children, but inside are suffering themselves over watching their children deal with this.

Every year, one of the radio stations I like to listen to hosts a radio tele-thon called "36 hours for kids" in which they plead with listeners to pledge money to go to the Children's Hospital here. For two years, I was a "miracle maker" which is what they call someone who pledges $15 a month. Listening to this tele-thon and the stories of these children was in most cases heart breaking, in many cases inspiring.

All of these stories of these children I have heard in the past few months or so invoke two different feelings in me:

1. Sadness (don't mistake my sadness for pity; I just feel sad for any mother who has to watch her child deal with an illness) and inspiration for these families who are dealing with sick children because as a mother with three healthy children, I can't imagine what it must be like to have to watch your child be sick. As mothers, there is no way to explain the amount of love and the type of love we have for our children. It's immeasurable and un-matchable.

2. Grateful to the Lord for blessing me with three healthy kids.

However, I do not take for granted that my children are healthy. As I learned from listening to the radio tele-thon, you can have a healthy child one day and the next something happens and they are not.

Regardless of what our children's circumstances are, there is one thing that is certain and that is that God loves all of them and has his hand of protection over them every second of every minute of every day. And it is our responsibility as their earthly parents to do all we can to take care of them the best way we can.

When you are praying for your children or grand-children today, would you mind adding a couple others to your list that you don't know personally, but are dealing with illnesses today? And pray for their mothers as well. Micah and Emma Grace. Two special kids whom their mothers (and other family members of course) love unconditionally and I am sure would certainly appreciate our prayers.

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red and yellow black and white
They are precious in his sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world!

Feb 21, 2007

My Baby? Not So Much!

**Kevin as a guest blogger at Sema's and my Mom have posted their third installment of Kevin's story. Take some time to go read their accounts of Kevin's journey.**

Despite the fact that Feisty will be three (3) in May, I still....and probably always will...consider her and call her my baby. I think back on when Care Bear was three and it is hard to believe that my baby is almost there. She is my last (unless the good Lord has other plans for us), so I think it only natural to try to hang onto that "baby-ness" as long as possible. But today, I realized that a baby she is not.

I've mentioned in the past that Feisty is a little O.C.D. Probably not in the clinical sense, but she is definitely a strong-willed, independent child (hence her blog name). She likes things the way she wants them and will not settle for less. But every now and then, she is stubborn enough to hang on to her baby like ways.

For instance: She used to like to go potty and did for awhile, but she changed her mind. Why any child would rather poop in her pants rather than the potty is beyond me...especially after seemingly mastering the latter, but then again....I'm not two. And for awhile there, she also seemed to like to sleep through the night. She changes her mind about that on a regular basis. Back in October, she learned to ride her tricycle but little things such as cold weather and a little blizzard that occurred here and is still hanging around made it impossible for the child to go out and practice her new skill. That saying, "It's like riding a bike...." doesn't apply to a two year old. Trust me.

This past week, we have been enjoying some warmer weather and the kids are coming out of cabin fever and raiding the garage for the bikes. The streets are melted and the sidewalks are well on their way. Feisty, being who she is, could not be left out. She did not let the fact that her brand new tricycle that has yet to be put together is still sitting in a box in our house. She went for her sister's hand-me-down and begged and pleaded with me to "push her" around the street on the trike. Even my pleas of, "But Feisty, I really need to get dinner ready before church tonight" and "it's really not spring yet...it is still only 45 degrees out here" did not deter her. I could not resist and spent the next 45 minutes, back hunched over until I couldn't take it anymore pushing her around the neighborhood. Finally when I determined I was going to permanently resemble the hunch back of Notre-Dame, I convinced her to try to do it herself. At first she was hesitant, but when she started getting that little trike going on her own, there was no going back. Even my attempts at getting her over bumps in the side-walk were unsuccessful. In less than an hour, we went from "Mommy push me!" to "Mommy no help me!" The look of pride on her face and squeals of, "Care Bear! Look at me! I'm riding my bicycle (yes she calls it a bicycle) by myself!" were worth every minute of late dinner. I only wish had a video camera on her.

All I have to say to those teenage boys who roar through our cul-de-sac at break neck speed is, "Watch out this summer! Feisty's on the loose!" A baby no more!

Feb 20, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Feisty changing her "baby's" diaper.

Feb 19, 2007

Celebrity News by Kristen--Issue 6

This past week at my young mom's Bible Study, somehow the subject of celebrities and celebrity gossip came up. By the end of the conversation (in which I pretty much kept my mouth shut) I began to feel a little wierd.....should I be doing "Celebrity News by Kristen"? Does it make me a bad person, or do other young (or older) Christian mom's who read this think less of me because I do this? I shouldn't worry about what other people think of me; it is my blog. If you don't like Celeb News, you just won't read it. As I said in the first edition and as I say in my disclaimer, it's just for fun. No harm meant. However, I certainly don't want to be doing something that is going to turn people off from my blog. Let me know. But for now, onto this weeks edition of:

Volume 1: Issue 6
Doing My Part to Keep Bloggy World Informed

**Disclaimer: I have nothing personally against any celebrities mentioned in "Celebrity News by Kristen". It is only for fun and only opinions. Please do not sue me.

Britney Spears
You know you saw it coming. You knew that the first picture you would see this week on CNbyK is what you see to your left. I have to just take a second here to gain some composure before I begin......

Alright. I think I'm OK now. WHAT THE??????? I don't even know what to say. Now that is a lie. Britney.....are you trying to channel Sinead O'Connor? Or Demi Moore in G.I. Jane? Or Natalie Portman in "V for Vendetta"? Because it is not working! See, Demi and Natalie did it for roles they were in. Sinead.....well.....she's Sinead. She burned a picture of the pope on stage during a performance on Saturday Night Live. She's certainly not one I would want to emulate.

Hey Britney.....remember this kid??:

Or this kid??

I know.....hey, we all know....that you are not a "traditional" type mom. How many of us out there are millionaires by age 17, divorced twice by age 25 and have several multi-platinum albums under our belt? Not too many of us. So, in that sense, you are not a traditional type mom. But here's the thing, Brit. Once you decide to have kids (no matter how much money you have or how many nannies you hire or how many husbands you have) you have a certain.....no, not a certain.....you have an undeniable and unquestionable responsibility to those children.

You know, I have never cared for K-Fed. Not that I really ever knew much about the guy (except for the fact that it's no secret he's an aspiring musician and just happened to become a back up dancer for the most famous female pop star of our time and then marry her *ahem...gold digger*) ,but you could have definitely done better. You should have just stayed married to your home town buddy that you eloped with in Vegas and then annulled 48 hours later. At least he may have married you for something other than your millions!

I actually felt encouraged for you after you announced your break-up with Feder-tard (not that I ever condone divorce, but given the circumstances.....). You seemed to (albeit very briefly) clean up your act. You had a sassy little blonde bob, you looked in shape, your make up looked like someone other than Krusty the Klown applied it, and you almost resembled the old Britney we all knew and, um...tolerated. But it was a mere week or two before you started hanging with the two most infamous tinsle town party girls: Paris and Lindsay (who may I remind you have uncensored home made p*orn out on the market and have just recently ended a stint in rehab).

Britney, we all have our times in life when we may be less responsible than we should, or "sow our wild oats", so to say. But that time is not when you are in the process of a divorce and have two little ones under the age of two. Do you not think that someday when those boys are older that those pictures may just resurface? Wouldn't you like them to be proud of their mom, not embarassed?? I know these are not things you are thinking of in the midst of whatever it is you are going through, but I would really start thinking about these things!!

Your family was concerned enough about you to stage an intervention and coerce you into re-hab which you promptly left less than 24 hours later. The hair? More the symptom than the disease. Just another strange way to try to "find yourself" or create a new image or whatever. But if that was what you were trying to do, then why go out like this only a day or two after shaving it??
As a fellow mother, I really hope you're able to get your head on straight for those kids' sake. They need their mom. A real mom. Not a nanny or whoever takes care of them while you're out bar hopping. One almost has to wonder, since your timing of this is so ideal, if you want to lose custody of your boys. Because you're well on your way, if you ask me.

And since I spent so much time on you this week Brit-Brit, I have no time or room for anything else. You are here-by banned from CNbK for the next two weeks.....(unless you, like, tattoo your face or something).

Tune in next week for Celebrity News by Kristen. Until then, keep your eyes and ears open.

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Feb 18, 2007

Back On The Homefront

Vacation is nice. Time away is nice. Sleeping in is nice. Staying up later than usual is nice. What's nicer? Coming home and being literally tackled to the floor by my kids who are thrilled to see me. That's what life is all about.

Feb 16, 2007

Hasta La Vista, babies!....

In t-minus two hours, Mike and I are heading for the hills. We are going to a nice cabin in the mountains for an anniversary/Valentine's get-away for two whole days! Our anniversary isn't actually until March 15, but we have some extra moula now that we may not have in a month, and we thought it'd be fun to combine the two holidays. My mom and dad will be watching the little ones for us....pray for them. No seriously. (hee-hee). I won't be around this weekend, so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Feb 15, 2007

The Ultimate "Mommy Blog" Post.

You have arrived. At probably the most obnoxious mommy blog post you'll ever read. But what's the point of being an obnoxious mommy blogger if you can't write obnoxious mommy blog posts. So if you have a serious aversion to this types of posts, click away now.

First off, I'd like to divert your attention to the video/song playing right now. I heard this song the other day and it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. If I could write song lyrics, this would be the song I would have written to my children. When I heard this song a boulder sized lump formed in my throat and the tears just flowed.
OK....so go wipe your eyes and finish the post now. Ready?

I know I've discussed Care Bear a lot lately, but I can't help it. I do have two other children; I swear. Care Bear just does so many things lately that I can't keep to myself.

The other night as Care Bear and I were saying our good night prayers, she did her typical prayer; the scripted one she says almost every night, but at the end she added a little surprise: "Dear Jesus", she said, "Have fun playing with the angels. And tell them I said that." Leave it to a four year old child to picture her Heavenly father up there playing with the angels. And I bet he's doing just that.

As a measure to avoid going to sleep, she likes to talk....a lot. In practically the same breath in which she told Jesus to have fun playing with the angels she informed me of this:

"Mommy. You're my favorite balloon". .........
"Um....thanks? I think". Don't ask me. I have no idea. And then.....

"Mommy? I wish my hair was hearts."


"What do you want your hair to be, Mommy?"


"Nooooo! It can't be spaghetti. That's too much like real hair."
"OK....um....Tootsie Rolls".
"Noooo! That looks like hair, too. What do you want your hair to be?"
"Oreo cookies."
"YEAH! Oreo Cookies! That's great, Mommy. What do you want your body to be? I want mine to be chocolate chip cookies!!"

"How about marshmallows?"

"Yeah! Marshmallows!"

"Care Bear. It's time to go to sleep now."

"OK, Mommy."

In review: I have Oreo cookie hair and marshmallow body. Care Bear has hearts for hair and resembles a Chips Ahoy. I think I'll put Candy Land away for awhile....far, far away.

I have decided that I'm going to open up an art studio. Right in my very home. I might as well. There's paint and marker already all over the walls and the furniture. At least I could make some money from the mess my home is. There are currently five items up for auction. If you are interested, contact me. But realize....they will be copies. Not the originals. I can't part with the precious originals.

The first item is a Care Bear original. Notice the fine brush strokes and use of bright vivid colors. Care Bear describes this painting as a metaphor to the peace in life that she feels. In it, she is lying under a tree while basking in the beauty of a rainbow and the sun.

But she also says to interpret it as you wish. That is, after all, what all fine artists do.

This is an Anakin original. It is a lunar eclipse. He drew it while watching the lunar eclipse. I don't think his eyes are permanently damaged. At least I hope not.

Feisty has recently taken up painting; following in her big brother and sister's footsteps. This is her first foray into painting and we here at the gallery think she has a natural talent.

Feisty asked me to not try to interpret her artwork as it is very personal. She hopes that whomever purchases her paintings find something personal in it. That is her desire for all of her artwork; present and future.

Another Care Bear....

And another Feisty....

All items in the auction will open at a bid of $500. I know you will all agree that this is quite reasonable considering that art work this fine typically starts at a much higher bid.


Feisty's favorite word these days? "DUH!" I love it....not so much.


Anakin is very observant. He's keeping close track of his Grandma Dawn's diet. Go see what he had to say about it over at my Mom's today.


This post was a royal pain in the booty. Enjoy what's left of your Thursday!

Feb 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Even though the day is almost over, I couldn't let this holiday pass without wishing all of my wonderful blogging friends the very best Valentine's Day! I hope you get to spend it with whomever you love or consider special. I feel very privileged to know all of you and consider you my friends.

With Love,


Feb 13, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Although this is supposed to be "wordless", (which it rarely is), I feel this picture needs an explanation. I guess I could leave it to your imaginations, but that could be dangerous.

Our family had gone to my grandparents house one evening to celebrate my grandpa's birthday. When we arrived, I was getting out of the car and Mike set Feisty's drink on my seat. I had to repark, and without realizing the drink was there, I sat right on it. My rear was soaked. Not to much later, Mike went back out to re-park the car again, and forgot that the seat was wet and sat right in the spilled drink. We both had soaking wet rear ends and had to warm and dry them by the heat of the fire. My lovely mother got a shot of it. Nice, eh?

Feb 12, 2007

To My Dear Brother....on his 30th!

Dear Kevin,

Well, here you are. The big 3-0! I can hardly believe we are both in our 30's. Adults.

This birthday is especially meaningful to your family; because you are here. Here to celebrate with us in body and spirit!

I know that you and I didn't always get along as well as we could have as children. We were the epitome of sibling rivalry. Two completely different people. But I am happy to say now that as adults, I am happy and proud to call you my brother.

We have both gone through a great deal in our early adulthood and we have both come out on top. No one can ever tell us that we aren't determined people unwilling to let the world get the best of us.

I look forward to the coming years growing older and sharing experiences and stories as adults; enjoying our families together.

You and Sema are a beautiful couple and you are such a wonderful aunt and uncle to Anakin, Care Bear and Feisty. They love you so much. You have always been amazing with children; that has never changed.

I am so proud of you Kevin; proud of all you have been through and accomplished. I know the Lord has amazing plans for you. I can't wait to watch them unfold.

I hope you enjoy your 30th birthday to its fullest. This is the first day of the rest of your life.

I love you and I am so proud of you!

Love Your Big Sister,

Celebrity News by Kristen--Issue 5

I'm doing Celebrity News by Kristen today instead of tomorrow because I have two other important posts planned for the next two days.

Myspace CodesMyspace Codes, Myspace GraphicsMyspace, Myspace CodesMyspace CodesGlitter GraphicsMyspace CodesMyspace LayoutsMyspace LayoutsMyspace CodesMyspace CodesMyspace Codes, Myspace Graphics

(and a tribute to Anna Nicole Smith)

The Dixie Chicks
The Dixie Chicks were the big winners of the 49th Annual Grammy Awards last night winning in five categories: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Country Album and Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal. I'm not a big "Chicks" fan, so I'm not going to gush over their wins. Has anyone else noticed that whoever chooses the winners of the awards every year seems to focus in one one group or performer or actor (for Academy Awards) and pile on all of the awards to that one particular group? Who picks the nominees? And even more important, who chooses the winners? And what is their criteria? How about spreading the love a little, eh? Five awards to one group? A little excessive if you ask me. But as usual, what do I know? I just report. I'm happy for Brooke, though. Congrats to your girls. ;-)

Carrie Underwood

Way to go, Carrie. You and fellow alum, Kelly Clarkson are doing your part to prove to all of those American Idol trash talkers that you are the real deal. I love it. I can't wait to see Chris Daughtry up there next year winning a Grammy for "Best New Artist" or "Best Rock Album". Jesus Took The Wheel, baby! You looked great, you sounded great, and you took an award home. Even though I was voting for Bo Bice when you were on the show, I still loved you, too. Happy for ya!

I was also happy to see another AI alum there (Jennifer Hudson) fresh from her Golden Globe win and Acadamy Award nomination. Maybe Simon does know what he's talking about because AI is certainly producing stars.

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer, I haven't seen your movie yet, but it is on my list of "must see movies" this year. You're giving Beyonce a run for her money. Even though she denies it, I bet miss diva is shakin' in her booties a little bit. Good job!

Beyonce took a grammy home, too. I don't remember which one, though. I wasn't paying that much attention to her. I'm bored of her. Nothing personal against her. Just bored. That's all. May way for Jennifer.

Justin Timberlake
I said I wasn't going to waste anymore time on the ladies man, but for the sake of the grammy's, I will. But only because I'm talking about him at the awards show. Not because he's once again this week being linked to Scarlett Johannsen. I'm not going there.

J.T. performed "What Goes Around Comes Around" towards the beginning of the show. I will say this for the man; he can perform. And play the piano; and work a hand held video camera; and work a crowd. And look classy and handsome all at the same time. Then a lucky fan got to perform with J.T. at the end of a show. Three of them, who sat in the front row and flashed their pearly whites at the camera at every opportunity, got the chance to perform with Justin at the end of the show. The winner was selected by the American voters (a la American Idol) to sing with him. And that was her fifteen minutes. (Of course, unless, Justin decides to make her his flava of the week.)


Huh? What say you? Whatever.

Why does Fergie always have to stand like this?? Everytime I see her, this is how she's standing. Is she afraid her hip is going to go out of joint if she let's go?? Find a new pose sweetheart.
I didn't even watch the whole show. I got bored and went to bed. Early. Those awards shows just get too long. Did you watch the show? Any highlights you'd like to mention? Did you enjoy it?

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was found unconscience in her hotel room last Thursday afternoon and shortly thereafter, pronounced dead at the hospital. There is no official word as to what caused her death, however a large amount of prescription drugs (that were apparently not prescribed in her name) were found in her room. Among the prescription drugs were Vicodin and Methodone (which was also found in her son after his death). Investigation is still on-going.

I heard about Anna's death from a co-worker of mine while I was at work. To say that I was in complete shock is an understatement. I am not a huge "fan" of Anna's; I don't really know much about her except what you hear on the news lately of her son's death and her paternity issues. But I am always shocked and saddened when I hear of someone mysteriously dying at a very young age. Especially after everything that had been going on in her life. I feel sorry for that baby. I hope that the interested parties can soon come to a resolution regarding her so that she can try to have as normal of a life as she can.

Rest in peace, Anna.

Feb 10, 2007

Who told you THAT was a good idea??

So, little miss Feisty. I just want to know who told you that these things are good ideas:
  • Putting a green marker in your new aquarium
  • Then while Mommy is cleaning up the green marker mess, putting a purple and yellow marker in your new aquarium
  • Taking a Sharpie to my coffee table
  • Taking a Sharpie to my walls
  • Taking a Sharpie to your face and hands
  • Smooshing play-dough into the carpet with your shoes
  • Putting your feet in my cereal bowl
  • Trying to get out of the bath tub by yourself
  • Stepping on a fully blown up balloon with your big girl shoes that have little heels
  • Hurtling your Buzz Lightyear space-ship across the living room--you hopefully realize now that in most cases, this will cause a lamp to get hit and crash to the floor.
  • Having your dollies take a "swim" in your tomato soup bowl
  • Using the cheese from your grilled cheese sandwich as a new retro type hair gel
  • Put your little, tiny Dory in your Daddy's speaker

Dear Feisty, You have had a busy day. And it's only 3:44. Please tell me who disillusioned you into thinking these are good ideas because he/she is permanently banned from your life. Unless of course it was your sister or brother....which is, in all likelihood, who taught you these fun tricks.

So....anyone got any good tips on how to get Sharpie marker off of furniture, walls, and human skin? heh...heh....(I really was paying attention to my kids today....I promise).

Feb 9, 2007

The One Where Care Bear is the new Ramona Quimby

Remember Ramona Quimby? Beezus? Henry Huggins? All characters in a classic series of children's books by Beverly Cleary. They were my favorite books as a child. Little did I know, I was raising my own Ramona Quimby....in the form of Care Bear. I didn't realize this until the other day when Care Bear and I were discussing her going to Kindergarten next year. I began telling her about a book I used to love called "Ramona the Pest" about a little girl who was starting Kindergarten. Care Bear decided we must read this book and maybe Ramona could teach her a thing or two about going to Kindergarten. Well....it's been awhile since I read the book, but I do recall Ramona causing a problem or two in school (hence the name, I am sure), so I think I may hold off on reading that particular book for awhile....I certainly don't need her getting any ideas in that head of hers. She's very impressionable. ;-) I do believe, however, that she could very possibly be Ramona Quimby's long lost twin....or Ramona re-incarnated. Let's view the evidence:



Now, obviously, these are just some physical attributes that appear to make Ramona and Care Bear kinfolk. But the personality.....just go read the book, then come visit me at my house and spend the day with Care Bear and I. All I can say is......

Feb 8, 2007

The One Where My Heart Strings Get Pulled A Little Too Hard

*Get your vomit pails out. This is gonna be a sappy one. You have been warned.**

Dear Care Bear,

Yesterday was one of those days for your mama. One of those days where two feelings were conflicting within me at the same time. A sense of pride, joy, and anticipation; and at the same time sadness, mourning and loss of my baby girl.

You had none of those feelings yesterday. Yours were nothing but excitement and jubilation. And that's the way it should be.

See Care Bear, I am only trying to show to you my good feelings about you going to Kindergarten next year; not those sad feelings that make me feel like in some way you are being taken away from me and that a part of my soul is going with you. Because this is a natural part of life. And the fact that you are excited and anxious to go to Kindergarten shows me that you are ready. Your daddy and I have done our best to raise you these last 4.5 years of your life to be independent; to be well-adjusted; to be confident enough in yourself to ease your way comfortably into each new milestone you approach.

This is the largest milestone yet for you, sweet girl. It is the one in which you begin the greatest, most important adventure of your life; and I know how you love adventure. In just six months, you will embark on your educational adventure.

Don't get me wrong, Care Bear. I am truly excited for you. But it's a bittersweet excitement. It seems like only yesterday I was holding you in my arms as a tiny five and a half pound baby. You were completely dependent on me. You could do nothing on your own. And yesterday, as I stood in line registering you for Kindergarten, the last 4 and a half years of your life swept through my thoughts and I had to wonder where they went.

You have grown into a wonderful young little lady who thoroughly enjoys life and all that it has to offer you. You are sweet, kind, beautiful, stubborn, opinionated, talented, unbelievably smart, a great big sister, a great little sister and a wonderful daughter. You bring me joy and laughter every day of my life.

I know that you will go into your adventure next year with all of the enthusiasm, joy and excitement that you bring into everything you do. And I know you will make me proud. You always make me proud.

Just so you know, though, I am going to muster every ounce of pre-schooler that is left in you over these next six months. I might smother you. I might annoy you. I also intend to call you every pet name I've ever had for you (peanut, pookie, love muffin, boo boo, baby girl, etc....) because once you get into school, I am sure this will no longer be acceptable to you.

I love you so much sweetheart. You make me a better person.

Love always and forever,
Your Mommy

Feb 7, 2007

The One Where I Ask Kristi If I Can Be Her Campaign Manager

So, bummer for me, I did not make it into the Finalist round for the Share The Love Awards. It's all good, though. I'm just honored I was even a nominee. In order to move on, since I'm not a finalist, I would like to bring to your attention someone who is a finalist, whom I nominated *I pat myself on the back right about here*. (Although she could have been nominated by other people I am sure). Her name is Kristi and she writes a ridiculously funny blog called "Here In Idaho". I found her during a random search through blog top sites (you could say I was bored that day) and she was immediately added to my blog roll. In my humble opinion, she's funnier than Dooce. OK, now that I've said that and committed the mother of all blog crimes, go check her out. I think you may agree.

(Kristi, that is my speech. I hope you will choose me as campaign manager. ) Uh, yeah. I need to get a life.

Feb 6, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Once again, before I get to Wordless Wednesday, please take the time to go and read the 2nd installment of Kevin's story over at his wife's blog Twenty Eight Celcius. Then go read my mom's account on her blog.


Fun with humidifiers and mirrors!

Feb 5, 2007

Celebrity News by Kristen--Issue 4

Volume 1: Issue 4
I say what others only dare to think!

**Disclaimer: I have nothing personally against any celebrities mentioned in "Celebrity News by Kristen". It is only for fun and only opinions. Please do not sue me.

Justin & Jessica
Dude. I mean, really. Duuuuuuu-huuuuude! What is up?? I am wasting far too much valuable space on "Celebrity News" on you. For real. How old are you? Twelve? You're acting like a guy who just discovered his "stuff". I mean come on! You are 26. Since about age 17 you have had two fairly successful relationships that have been fairly long term. You've now been single for a minute and a half and in three of my four issues, I have featured you with three different women. I'm about to award you a permanent slot here. So, now you've been spotted around with Jessica Biel who just recently ended a short lived fling with Derek Jeter. You were spotted with her snow-boarding and at Prince's post Golden Globes party. I give you props for taking your mom with you as your date to the party, but when a 24 year old "woman" leans over to your mom and says, "OMG...He's SOOOOOO CUTE", you might want to sprint for that door and go running back to Cam, who at least only speaks valley girl for roles she's doing. That's it: I'm officially sick of seeing your face on CNw/K. Until you can retire the jigalo persona, I'm through wichyou!

Ryan Phi1lipe

Poor, poor wittle Ryan! He's had the "most difficult time of his life" since his split from lovely wife, Ree$e Wither$poon. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for the schmuck, but it's common knowledge that the guy was cheating on her with a future co-star, Abbie Cornish. He (and his reps) refuse to comment on this rumor, but vehemently deny rumors of hard partying and drug use. So, you're silent on the adultery rumor, but loud on the other rumors. That makes your silence speak that much louder. You know you're as guilty as sin, buddy. I know, I know.....it's hard to watch your wife win role after role after role and quickly become Hollywood's highest paid actress. It must have been an even bigger blow to watch her win an Academy Award. But suck it up, dude. You are/were her husband. Remember? To love, honor and cherish?? Be happy for the girl, don't go seeking out some unknown actress who can suddenly make you feel like a man again because she doesn't have Oscar sitting on her shelf and $20 million in the bank. You're optimistic about your upcoming films and that they claim they are the "best of your career". Sorry, I won't be wasting my dolla. I still remember "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

Tori $pelling & Dean McDermott

Tori and Dean are getting ready to greet the arrival of their first child; due in April. Boy, has it ever been a busy year for Tori. Donna Martin would be appalled! Well....the virginal Donna Martin would be, anyway. Let's see: she divorces her husband of one year; begins "courting" Dean before the divorce is even final; announces she's pregnant; her daddy dies; she has a falling out with her mom; and about gets cut out of the Spelling will. If she doesn't end up getting a huge chunk of her daddy's money, I hope for her sake that she's not relying on her TV show "So NoTORIous" to support her new family. That show certainly can't be supporting the lifestyle to which she is accustomed and will definitely not afford her a diamond studded basinette.

The couple hosted a baby shower for themselves this weekend. Among the guests were Jennie Garth and Loni Anderson, who portrays her mother on "NoTORIous". Absent from the list? Her IRL Mom. Now, I don't know much about wills and estates and what not, but isn't being estranged from your real life mom but inviting your TV mom who portrays your real life mom in an un-flattering way on your TV show a pretty good way to ensure the estrangement? But what do I know?

The shower was filmed for an upcoming episode of Tori and Dean's Oxygen reality show, "Tori & Dean: Inn Love". Enough already of the newlywed reality shows! Does no-one learn? Jessica Simpson just recently relayed that her newlywed reality show was the beginning of the end for her and Nick's relationship. And now they are divorced. As are Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro. Looking for divorce #2, Tori? Methinks so.

This week's poll is on the side bar! Vote. If you want to.

And that is it for this week's edition of Celebrity News with Kristen. Come back next week for another installment. Until then, keep your eyes and ears open!