Mar 25, 2008

I'm Such A Liar!!

Said I'd be here yesterday and I lied! Well, didn't really lie....circumstances and complications were such that I didn't actually end up coming to work yesterday. Bureaucratic red tape concerning a doctor's note clearing me to come back to work. My departure from work was such a mess, why should my return be any neater??!!

So I had planned to do some great, return post.....not sure about what. I could write a novel about the past 3 months of my life, but I was going to try to do something interesting. But if I have learned nothing else lately, it is that plans are pointless. Especially when you have four kids ages 5 and under----two of which are completely dependant and NOISY and DEMANDING (albeit adorable.)

Anyway, since I made the grand announcement that I would be back, I thought I should at least come back and say "hello" and "I've missed you" and one of these days I'll try to really be back.

I know my Mom has been doing regular twin updates so you shouldn't be completely in the dark about what's been going on in my world lately. Just tell me one thing: Are those twin baby girls not the most adorable little things in the world?!!? (I may be a little biased, but come on!! )

I write this at work while I sit eating a Chipotle burrito (my favorite thing in the world to eat which I was denied my entire pregnancy because of what it did to my digestive system), and drinking coffee and diet Pepsi in a desperate attempt to keep myself awake (which I have found is much more difficult to do while staring at a computer rather than running around like some wild crazy lady at home).

I'm hoping one of these days soon life will feel "normal" and "controlled" again. But probably not. In the meantime, I hope there are some people who still check on me now and then. I promise I will try to be here on a more regular basis from here on out. (Providing I have no more 3 month absences from the outside world!)

It's good to be back in the land of the living--so to speak!!

Mar 20, 2008


Monday; March 24. Be there or be square!!