Apr 30, 2008

Complete Disbelief

My baby girls (of the twin variety) went to sleep at 7:00 at night. They are morning babies. Awake at the crack of dawn; happy as can be; crabby by afternoon and asleep by early evening. I went to bed at 9:30, thinking to myself that I would probably be awoken within the hour. Instead, I was awoken at 1:30 a.m. by my baby girl (of the *almost* four year old variety) to change her soaking wet jammies and sheets (due to the fact that she violently refused to wear training pants last night. I told her not to bother waking me up if she peed her bed because I warned her. But like I could really in good conscious let her sleep in her own pee....I digress.) It wasn't until I had changed the jammies and gotten Feisty back to bed that I realized, "It's 1:30 a.m. Those babies are still asleep!" Brief panic ensued as I feared SIDS, but when I checked on them, there they were, side by side, slightly snoring and sleeping (so to speak) like babies. I hustled myself back to bed to take advantage of this momentous occasion and slept for two more hours before I was finally awoken by both babies to be fed. The each ate and promptly went back to sleep until 6:30 this morning when they woke for the day---big, gummy, giddy smiles and all.

Eight and a half solid hours of sleep for those babies, people!! That is so huge! I am not delusional enough to think that there will be a repeat performance of that tonight. I won't get my hopes up. I've been burned too many times by getting my hopes up like that with previous children.

Had I not had to get up in the middle of the night to clean up another kid, I myself would have gotten six straight hours.

I am impressed, baby girls. Please, for the love of everything, KEEP IT UP!!!

Apr 28, 2008

MIKAYLA!! In Concert Today!!

Welcome! And thank you for coming tonight to the "Mikayla" concert! For those of you who have never been fortunate enough to attend a Mikayla (a.k.a. Care Bear) concert, let me be the first to congratulate you on your wise choice of entertainment for this evening. For you are in for the time of your life. But I will warn you: Mikayla has very set ideas about how her shows run. She's rather the pint-sized diva. So you will notice as you enter the arena (that looks suspiciously like a living room) that there are rules posted here and there that you must adhere to, or suffer the wrath. Don't say I didn't warn you. And should you be the lucky person who follows the rules the best, than you shall have bestowed upon you backstages passes and the opportunity to "meet and greet" the one....the only.....

That being said, I (the one and only Mama of Mikayla) will serve as your interpreter this evening should you have any difficulty making sense of the rules. Mikayla is, after all, only five. And you also might like to check on the list of invitees first to see if you're even allowed into this all exclusive event:

list of invitees edited(Small)

Did you make the cut? (psssst....even if you didn't, I have connections. I'll get you in!)

Keep your eyes out for the rules. You do not want to tangle with this girl. Believe me!!

Rule #1

rule number 1 (Small)

(Reminder: If you have a question you have to raise your hand!)

Rule #2

rule number 2 (Small)

(Reminder: If you have to go to the bathroom, you have to raise your hand!)

Rule #3

rule number 3 (Small)

(Reminder: If you have to take care of a baby, wait until after the song)
**I think this one was tailor made for me....the majority of you can probably bypass this rule!

I know, I know.....I've never been to a concert with so many rules before; but Mikayla likes things the way she likes them. Whatcanyoudo??

Sooo.... Mikayla has just informed me that there are some backstage pass winners. Too bad the rest of us just could not keep our mouths shut!

backstage passes edited (Small)

The list of contendors is above. Notice she added some dialogue there from Miss Kate. Despite the fact that Kate went "wa wa wa wa wa" throughout the whole show, she is still being honored with the chance to meet Mikayla!

And the winners are!!

winners (Small)

Kate and Emma!!

Now, to me, that somehow does not seem quite fair considering those babies wailed through the whole thing. And I, following rule #3, completely ignored and neglected them throughout the entire thing and didn't even win a pass! How fair is that?! I sense some favortism going on here.

Despite getting dissed by my own daughter, I thoroughly enjoyed the Mikayla concert. I do plan on attending another in the near future (and another....and another....and another.....)

See you at the next show! :-)

Apr 18, 2008

The Buzz This Week

So, I thought once I was back at work it'd be much easier to keep up on this thing. But it turns out that since I'm back only part time now, and my hours coincide with covering everyone's lunches, I don't have as much "play time" as I used to when I was here 8 hours a day. Which also means I don't have as much time to go and visit you all; cuz it could literally take my entire four hour shift to visit everyone in my bloglines. So, I read when I can and post when I can; which unfortunately for me.....is not very often.

But here's the buzz around my parts as of late:


Still obsessed with NKOTB. I have created a monster! She must watch my old, ancient NKOTB video at least once a day....often times many more than that. It is typically the show she chooses to watch before she goes to bed. And she insists that I watch it with her. Now, in my day, I probably watched it at least 1/2 dozen times a day. I can't even believe it's still functioning. And while it was fun and reminiscient to watch it once....maybe twice.....I must say that I'm getting a little weary of it now. I'm just about ready to hide it.

I purchased Care Bear the NKOTB Greatest Hits album--at least she now has something to listen to in the car. But not just in the car---no, that's not good enough. We have to listen to it in the house as well as we watch her dance and sing to it under her "celebrity moniker"---Mikayla. Yes, she has given herself an assumed name. She has strict rules (i.e. no laughing, no smiling, no getting up, and no talking during her shows.) She's a cross between a diva in the making and a grouchy old school teacher. After her "shows", she allows us to stand in line for autographs from "Mikayla." Sooo.....do you all think American Idol will still be around in the year 2018 when Care Bear will be 16??

She wrote notes for the "boys" the other day. Loooooove notes. Yikes. I'm getting scared.

nkotb--jordan (Small)
nkotb--joe (Small)
nkotb--jon (Small)
nkotb--danny (Small)
nkotb--donnie (Small)
Another Care Bear tidbit: Here is a little conversation she had with my mom the other day while I was at work (this is copied and pasted from an e-mail my mom sent me):
She is typing away on a calculator telling me she's doing
CSAPs. I ask her if she has to do CSAPs at school. She says, no, but they have
to be quiet when the other kids are taking them. Then she tells me Anakin said
he'd be annoyed at her if she
was noisy while he was taking them. Then she
told me she didn't need to take them because she's already smart, and CSAPs make
you smart. Then - she says,"Grandma, what are CSAPs?
Feisty News:

Feisty is still trying to learn to go potty. She's gotten to the point where she refuses to wear training pants anymore, yet every day soaks and/or soils her underwear and pants. She's getting there, but hasn't quite got it. She's even gotten to where she doesn't want to wear training pants at night. I have had to gently force this issue because I have no desire in the middle of the night to bathe my (almost) four year old and change sheets because she has soaked and/or soiled her jammies and bed. I applaud her desire and her willingness to go from training pants to underwear; but not at night; not until she has got it. So we've compromised. She wears underwear over her training pants at night.

This morning I'm at work when I receive a wonderful "letter" and picture from Feisty:

b gbfgbghbggbgbgtybddhdfbfgh
Roughly translated, this says something like, "Dear Mommy, I went poopy in the potty all by myself! I love you so much, etc, etc, etc...."

Now, I will show you a picture, but am warning you to scroll quickly past it or look away now if pictures that proud 4 year olds take of what they "produce" in the potty offend or disgust you. This is Feisty's proof to send to Mommy. She wanted to save it in the toilet til I got home, but Grandma convinced her to do this instead:

poopy in the potty (Small)
Yay, Feisty!! Mommy is soooo proud of you! We'll do the "happy dance" when I get home!
Feisty has very cute ways of putting things. For instance; she calls goose bumps "juice bumps", she says her heart is "beeping" instead of beating and today, when we were driving to meet Grandma at my office, she took of her sock and shoe and was thoroughly irritated. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "My toes are snoring". (Feisty speak for her foot is asleep). Everyone together now......"Aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"!!


And last, but definitely not least.....some twin stuff.

Our church is blessed to have the best nursery attendant ever. Her name is Sandy and every child who ever has the pure luck to be in the nursery with her absolutely adores her. Feisty is beyond her nursery days now, but still considers Sandy her "best friend". Since my older girls have "graduated" and moved on to bigger and better things, Sandy is now thrilled to have two more of my offspring to coddle over. And coddle she does! Here are the chunky monkey twins (as opposed to teeny-tiny) modeling their new duds, courtesy of Sandy:

diaper shirt (Small)diaper shirt close up (Small)

I.LOVE.THESE.SHIRTS!! They crack me up!!! Like these babies' butts could EVER look big! Welll.....maybe when the diapers are full their back ends might protude a little. But anyway....

Then, here they are modeling their custom made beautiful little fleece blankies given to me by a friend at church whose sister makes them. They even came in little custom made bags with their names on them!!

Emma's blankie (Small)Kate's blankie (Small)
On the pretty blankets (Small)

The little girlies are growing cuter by the day and their personalities have definitely started to make themselves known. Emma (aka "Little Squirt" aka "I can't sit still in my mama's belly") is actually the more mellow, "go with the flow" kinda gal. Much more content to lay on the floor or swing in her swing and look up at you with her piercing, beautiful blue eyes. Katie (aka "big squirt") is a fuss budget. A snorter. Her eyes may be piercing and beautiful as well, but more often than not, her face is screwed shut in a crying, screaming position, so it's hard to tell. OK, so it's not that bad, but she is much fussier than her twin. She has, however, treated me to some beautiful smiles lately and when she is content, loves to lay on the floor and kick to her hearts content.

Sleeping is still a crap shoot. Never know how it's going to go from one night to the next. So, as always, I am tired. Probably will be until I'm 50 years old....if I live that long!

Have a great weekend!

Apr 7, 2008

Mother Of The Year---Two Times Over

I am officially awarding myself "Mother of the Year".....two times.....for events that have occurred over the past few days. Here is why.....


Last week I posted about the return of my "high school sweethearts"....New Kids on the Block....and half jokingly said that maybe one of these days my truckloads of old NKOTB posters would adorn Care Bears walls. Hahahahaha. Well, the laugh is on me. I am personally responsible for pushing my 5 year old daughter into early teenage-hood. She was already half way there being a self proclaimed "Hannah Montana fan". However, mere minutes after pulling out my old NKOTB video tapes and popping them in the VCR, my darling daughter (who just a month ago considered the Care Bears and the Berenstain Bears her personal heroes) informed me that she is now a "huge NKOTB fan". Joe is her favorite. "Please Don't go Girl" is her favorite song. I was forced to raid my parents basement this weekend in search of the good ole NKOTB archives. Daddy is being harassed to make her CDs off of iTunes of NKOTB. She has decided that she wants to be a "rock star" with her best friend.....Blondie 1.....and went in search of wood to make her very own stage (my shower curtain has been confiscated for her own personal use so that she can make an "entrance" when performing on her stage).

I mean, a huge part of me could not quit almost laughing to myself all weekend when I heard my daughter walking down the street singing with all of her heart, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.....HANGIN' TOUGH!" Everything else that I loved when I was a kid has returned.....My Little Ponies, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Strawberry Shortcake (not to mention the fact that she goes to the same school I did as a kid and is in the same Kindergarten class.) I don't know why this should surprise me. However, if you would have told me when my obsession began that 18 years later I would be digging out all of my old New Kids stuff for my five year old daughter because they were making a comeback?!?! Well, you could probably have knocked me over with a feather. That, or I would have said, "Whatever. I'm not having kids." But I'm starting to think my little girl is me....reincarnated. It's almost eerie. Scary eerie.

It's cute. But I kinda hope it's a fleeting thing and in a couple of days or so she'll pull out her Care Bears again. At least for another 10 years or so......


I'm pretty much a zombie in the middle of the night when my babies wake me up. Half the time I think I sleep walk through the process of getting them a bottle, feeding them and changing their diapers. Last night was no different.

The twins share a bed right now. It's a space saver. Plus, they're snobby to eachother and barely acknowledge eachother's existence so I'm constantly "pushing" them together in an effort to make them like eachother. They have "assigned" sides of their bed. This, obviously, is supposed to make life easier for me in the middle of the night. It normally wouldn't be that big of an issue to not know which baby I was holding and caring for in the middle of the night except for the fact that they use different formulas.....(no I am not breast-feeding anymore.....pumping/hospital visits/pumping/caring for older kids/pumping/blah blah blah.....well, it just didn't work out......so sue me.....they're doing just great and mama is less stressed out). Anyway.......last night Emma-Bemma fell asleep in her car seat at about 6:00 p.m. Wherever those babies fall is asleep is where they stay until they wake up again (unless, of course it's on a counter top or something like that.......). Kate was put to sleep in her bed. But for some odd, unknown reason I put her on the wrong side of the bed. So, eventually when Emma woke up (six hours later at MIDNIGHT.....YAY EMMA-BEMMA!!!), she ended up sleeping on Kate's side of the bed. Fast forward 7 hours later (and several feedings later) to 7 a.m. One baby wakes up. I hear it on the monitor. I go up to my room to fetch "the baby". Ahhh....it's Kate. So, here's me over the next hour:

Me: "Oh, Katie....are you hungry widdle baby girl? Mama'll get your ba-ba."

Baby: "Coo."

Me: "Wow Katie. You're so mellow this morning. So agreeable and happy. Weird. (Katie is typically pretty grouchy in the morning.....well.....all the time....unless being held). Are you watching Dwagon Tales with your sisters?? Look at you kicky little girl!!"

Baby: "Coo-cooooo".

Me."You must've been so hungry Katie! You ate that bottle in two minutes flat! Let's get you dressed." (I proceed to put "Katie" in an outfit that Care Bear has designated as Katie's outfit....you know, since Katie is "her baby" and she has the scars to prove it and all.)

Me: "Uhoh! I hear Emma-Bemma. Better go get her up!.........Wow Emma.....you're cranky this morning. Wassup wich-you? Awwww.....you're hungry, aren't you, widdle Emma-Bemma!! Whoa! Chill out girl.....no need to choke yourself or anything! Good grief. What's the matter with you?! Is this stupid nipple not working? No, it's working. OK, well....guess I'll change your clothes. Man.....have you been taking cranky lessons from your sister??"

Baby: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Me: "OK, calm down. Let's get this sopping wet diaper off. OK, here's your little pink outfit that Feisty says is yours. You know, since you're Feisty's baby and she has the scars to prove it and all!"

Baby: "Waaaaaaahhh" (translated...."OK, I'll calm down a little bit now since you took that nasty pee catcher off of me").

Me: "OK. All set. Now why don't you go lay down by your sister Katie and get to know her a little bit, huh? .....

Wow kids....check this out. Emma's almost as big as Katie now. Good grief. You can hardly tell a difference. Unlesssss.........YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. (turns over baby thought to be Katie for the last hour and discovers that yep....there's that huge honkin' birth mark on the back.) THIS IS EMMA!!! Now it all makes sense!!!"

No one can ever, EVER tell me that my baby's don't look EXACTLY the same again!!! And I am so mother of the year....you know....feeding each baby the wrong formula.....dressing them in the wrong clothes. Care Bear was horrified that she had been kissing the "wrong baby" all morning. And me?! Well, I have to wonder what kind of mother I am to only be able to identify my babies by which side of the bed they are on!! GOOD GRIEF!
And one more of Kristen's blonde "Jessica Simpson" moments and then I'll let you go laugh at me in private. I walk into work this morning. The smell of freshly laundered clothes and fabric softener is permeating my work area. I say to my co-workers, "Wow, who smells so good, like freshly laundered clothes?" Everyone looks at me kinda wierd and smells themselves. (Good thing I've worked here for so long!) They shrug. I smell myself. "Oh, it's me."

Dude. I need some sleep.

Apr 4, 2008

Never Thought I'd See This Day Come....

(psssst.....this post has *almost* nothing to do with all my little darlin's.....hope that's OK!)

So, here I am at work, browsing through my favorite celebrity gossip magazine websites, which I am so far behind on it's not even funny (you know me and my celebrity gossip) when I came across a little morsel on People.com that just about knocked me off my chair. (That wouldn't have been very funny today either since I'm wearing a skirt).

If you were a teeny-bopper back in the late 80's/early 90's (or were a mother of a teeny-bopper in the late 80s/early 90s) you may recall a little boy band called "New Kids on the Block". C'mon admit it; you know who they are. Suffice it to say, I was a little obsessed with this small phenomenon. In fact, I am personally responsible for turning a couple of my cousins into "blockheads", too. They shall remain nameless, but you both read my blog and you know who you are!

My walls in my room were literally wall-to-wall, ceiling to floor posters of these boys. Jordan was my obsession and I was thoroughly convinced I was going to marry him. My BFF (who I haven't seen since high school graduation) was going to marry Joe and we were going to live happily ever after in Boston with our boys and have beautiful children.

In fact, I was so obsessed that I about lost any and all driving priveledges for my entire life (and could have ended up in juvy had I gone through with it) due to a little escapade one of my cousins and I almost pulled off one summer. (go read that post....no really.....do it. You won't grasp the full concept of the obsession unless you do!)

As time went on and the "kids" all but disappeared out of sight and out of mind, the obsession obviously fizzled. Of course, it's fun to hear what they are up to every now and then. Donnie has been in several movies, Jordan has put out a couple of solo albums and appeared (pathetically) on "The Surreal Life", Joey has also put out a couple of albums and appeared on "Dancing With The Stars". No idea what Danny has been up to, and Jon all but left the entertainment industry to sell real-estate. Huh. Any-hoooooo.....imagine my utter shock and total surprise when I clicked on my fave magazine's website and found this article (complete with video). To quote Feisty: "Oh.....my......word!" Never did I think this day would come. I mean.....they are almost all 40 years old! In fact, a couple of them might already be there.

In 30 minutes time, my mind has taken be back 18 years to when I first "fell in love" and I'm waxing major nostalgia. *sigh*......ahhh for the easy days of love-sick teenage obsession!!

What's wierder?! I have kids now.....right in time for this reunion. Care Bear is 5 going on 15---a "major fan" (in her words) of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and I can completely see her following in her mama's footsteps. I sure hope I still have all my old posters still saved in my parents' basement so that they can now adorn her walls. (hahaha).

This makes me feel real old....yet real young at the same time. How fun!!!

NKOTB Then....