Jul 22, 2005

Could the weather BE any hotter?!?!

Could I be any more miserable?!?! I'm not kidding. This is the hottest summer I can remember in recent history. And the first part of the summer, the air conditioning in our house wasn't working. We were all some hurtin' units at our house; particularly at night when trying to sleep. Thank the lord for small things like air conditioning. I'm just not looking forward to seeing my utility bill this month.

Hubby and I are going camping tonight. Can't wait. It's been years since we have done so and I'm really looking forward to it. Fiesty is staying with my Mom and Care Bear and Yoda are staying with Grandpa P. Should be a good time.

I can't wait for fall!!!

Jul 1, 2005

The Fourth of July

Well, here we are at yet another 4th of July weekend. I can't get over how quickly time flies!! I have pictures of my kids, family and other things as my screensaver and this morning some pictures popped up from the 4th of July 3 years ago, just a month and a half before my darling little girl "Care Bear" was born. "Yoda" appeared in the newspaper that year playing in one of the many games provided to kids at the local park. I remember that year so clearly. It was blazing hot; I was 7.5 months pregnant; we were at the park enjoying (not so much me, though) the events of the day. The lines were very long for all of the kids activities and I remember standing there in the heat wishing I could find somewhere cool to sit and take the pressure off of my feet. To be honest, I don't even remember where we actually watched the fireworks that year. I'm sure it was the usual place, as it always has been. But I can't remember where, and I can't remember who with we watched them. I just vividly remember standing in those lines, wishing I could dump a huge bucket of cold water over my head.

The following 4th of July was Care Bear's first. She had just turned 10 months old. I remember that year much more fondly. I had gotten her an adorable Raggedy Ann outfit that was red, white and blue for her first 4th. We again spent the day at the park with my in-laws and with my parents enjoying the atmosphere, food and games. That evening we watched the fireworks with my parents at the old parsonage. I was anxious to see Care Bear's reaction to the fireworks that year; but what did she end up doing?? SLEEPING! Oh, well. She enjoyed the pre-activities at least.

Last year, I had another new addition to add to our 4th festivities. Little did I know at the previous year's fireworks that I would soon be adding to our family another little girl, "Fiesty" who came along last May and was only 1.5 months at last years activities. She did unbelievably well throughout the chaos of the day. There was tons of walking, just as much heat, and not a whole lot of relaxation. I was a little concerned about how the day would go with such a young baby, but she did remarkably well. She slept through the fireworks last year, but this time Care Bear stayed awake. It was so much fun to be able to see her excitement and enjoyment of the activities. She danced and sang, and oohed and aahed at the fireworks. This year I can't wait to see how my little Fiesty reacts. Nothing in the world scares her, and I'm hoping the same goes for fireworks!

I hope everyone enjoys and SAFE and HAPPY 4th of July!!