Jul 2, 2010


The weirdest thing happened to me tonight. I haven't blogged in AGES as most people know. Awhile back, I started a new blog because I couldn't remember where my old blog was, or the URL, password, etc....So tonight, while messing around on my computer, I decided to check out my mom's blog. In that process, I thought, "Hey...I think I'll post something on my 'new' blog" that I hadn't posted on since February. Go figure I couldn't remember the email address or password I had used on that one. So decided to create yet ANOTHER new blog and in the process attempted to do so with my current email address. Lo and behold, I already have an account with that email address. So, I reset the password, and here I am....at my OLD blog with all of my postings since I began blogging!! I almost want to cry because I thought all of my writing had been lost!

I have had so much happen to me in the two years since I divorced my husband that I could really honestly write a book. I've always wanted to write a book, but for now I think I will settle for my good ole blog. Even if no one ever comes and visits me, at least I'll have my writing for prosperity!

In short, what is currently happening with me right now is I'm still attending school to become a paralegal; been working part time about 10 hrs a week at my old haunt, KFC, to satisfy TANF requirements; invited my next door neighbors to live with me 3 months ago when they got evicted from their home and my "social workers" heart couldn't allow them to live on the streets. Ten people living in my teeny tiny house. It's been....FRUSTRATING to put it mildly. Just today, tho, they finally signed a lease on a new place and my girls are more than ECSTATIC that we will have our own house back again!!

Found out that my ex husband is in jail and has been since May 15 (which would've been our 8 year anniversary, ironically!!). Recently reconnected with his son and his mother who we have hardly seen since the divorce. I'm a little nervous about that, but will take things as they come.

I stress every day; about money; my future; my girls' future; if I'm a good mom or not; how many mistakes i'm making with them. But also guaranteed of their love and affection towards me whenever I have to leave them with Grandma and it takes me 15 minutes to get out of the door with all the kisses and hugs they have to give me.

The single life has been difficult (major understatement) but I am so blessed and grateful to have so many people in my life who have been willing to help me!

I have been attending a non-denominational church in town for the past 6 months or so that I have come to love. The praise band is fantastic, and the speakers are so dynamic. I rarely walk out of a service there with dry eyes. I work late on Saturday night, so Grandma Dawn takes the girls that night, takes them to church at the Nazarene church, then I pick them up there and take them to Crossroads. They get doubly blessed on Sundays!

I could say sooo much more and I will because I have missed writing. It is my outlet and it's been so long since I've done any writing. I am so excited I found my good old trusty blog!

And now I'll probably be up all night re-reading my old entries and reliving things.

I'm back...I hope!!


Kristen said...

Oops...my bad. I said that i found out my ex is in jail on May 15, which was our anniversary. Our anniversary was MARCH 15th. Guess that shows how much our anniversary meant to me!!

Linds said...

Hi Kristen - i keep up with your news through your Mum of course, but it is lovely to see you posting again, and I am so happy to know how well you are doing. And you are doing well - you have 4 beautiful girls, a caring heart, loads of love, and a supportive family. And you are working hard, and building a future too. For all of you. I am SO proud of you!
Happy 4th July!

Dawn said...

WOO-HOO!!! That is amazing and wonderful. I am SO glad you found your old stuff and are back with new! I will definitely spread the word. I wonder how Linds found you already!

Just one thing - change "prosperity" to "posterity" - we're hoping for prosperity soon!

Gigi said...

Hi Kristen! Found out about your blessing through your Mom's blog...what wonderful news!! I look forward to your (many!!) upcoming post! And yes...that was a hint!

And Dawn - it seems to me that "prosperity" fits perfectly in this case, don't you think?!! ;)

Dawn said...

Yes. I do - it's the English teacher in me!

Needled Mom said...

Welcome back, Kristen. It was wonderful to read a post from you again. I am thrilled for you that you were able to find your old blog again.

I am looking forward to reading all of your wonderful thoughts once again.

Karen said...

You've been on my mind SO MUCH lately, I was wondering how you're doing!

Reconnected with B and Anakin? Sends a shiver up my spine. Be careful!!!

Love you.

nancygrayce said...

So good to see you back posting Kristen! I found out through your mom's blog.

Sammy said...

Well, I am so happy to see you are back to blogging! :-)

How long is your ex in jail for?

I'm so happy to read that you have reconnected with your stepson. He must have missed you all so much.

Sounds like life has been busy, stressful, overwhelming, and above all else, a time of real growth. Good for you! You are one strong cookie! :-)

jmckemie said...

So glad you found your old outlet! I love keepin up with you and the girls throgh your mom's blog but am looking forward to hearing more from you here. Praying for days with no stress.

Sharon Lynne said...

How nice to have found your old blog! I wish there was an easy way to print out all the posts. (Is there?) You would have a first draft of a book! And you could see the hand of the Lord at work.

I think all moms wonder if there decisions are the right ones. Thank goodness God is there to pick up the slack. He knows we are but flesh...and he loves you and your family dearly.

Maine Mom said...

I am so happy you found your old blog and you are writing again!

You are amazing. You are going through so much yourself and you open your home to your neighbors...what a great example you are!

PEA said...

Woohoo, welcome back Kristen!!! I can well imagine how absolutely thrilled you were to be able to find your old blog again:-) Just the thought of losing everything I've written on mine makes my stomach turn. lol It's just so good to see a post from you and learn what you've been up to. Your life isn't an easy one for sure but you're right, you are blessed with the love of those four little girls, as well as family and good friends. xoxo

groovyoldlady said...

Hi Kristen,

I haven't been blogging for a wee bit, but I'm back too. Hopefully we can enjoy writing to our peeps more frequently now, eh?